Tyler Goulski

Web Developer

I assisted Jordan with some of the front end Javascript/HTML and gave input/planning on the layout of the pages.

Andrew VanNess

Lead Programmer

I handled the back-end of Cheerluck through the use o f Disqus and Ziggeo's api's while hosting it on Heroku. I polished my skills with N ode.js and dusted off some of my web design skills during this project to package all the api's and databases together for a fully-functional product.

Jordan Rossetti

Web Designer

I learned a bunch of stuff about front-end web design, especially the wonders of Bootstrap! I provided all of the graphic design elements and structured Cheerl uck's different pages in order to create a simple and clean user interface and fun user experience.

Minji Lee


I worked to make contents, gathered idea, collect data, and materials we need to make the webpage. Also I used HTML polish the webpage aesthetically.